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Our program is an educational one, based upon the belief that each child will grow and develop at their individual pace in an environment filled with the necessary elements for growth and development. It is also a multi-cultural, multilingual program with an emphasis on children developing their own self-identity and the ability to communicate effectively. This philosophy dictates a set of goals developed to help children attain the emotional, social, physical and intellectual strength.

Mission statement

To welcome children into a safe learning environment, where we can “plant” the fundamentals of education in our children.


Our goal is to be nationally recognized as an outstanding childcare center. The Center is committed to providing families with the highest standard of child care and opportunities for learning. Our Center provides a safe and developmentally appropriate program which fosters active learning and support for the whole child.

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Mrs. Christina Tavarez, Executive Director began a family day care in her home in 1999; her reputation for being a caring and responsible child care provider grew in the Brownsville Community. In that same year, she became affiliated with East New York Family Day Care Processing Center, Inc. and obtained a group family day care license.

In February 2006, Mrs. Tavarez acquired a newly built property in the Cypress Hill Area, 334 Milford Street and she contracted an Architect to design a Day Care Center. She called the childcare center Blake & Milford Daycare Center. Within the first year, Mrs. Tavarez has filled up her center and is known to the community for providing outstanding childcare, a clean environment, and a productive relationship among staff and parents. In 2003, Christina Daycare Inc, dba Blake & Milford, contracted with the Board of education, which provided free Universal Prekindergarten for all four-year-old. By 2012, Christina Daycare Inc expanded their service further by contracting with ACS (Administration for Children Service) with a new program called Early Learn. In 2019, Christina Daycare Inc bided on an RFP with the Department of Education called the Birth to Five grant; later, in 2021, Christina Daycare Inc was awarded the Birth to five grant.