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Our Program
Blake & Milford DCC encourages our students to be active hands on learners. Our students will learn about themselves, their families and their environment mostly through play. Play is the "work "of all young children. Through play-based activities, our students learn how to socialize with one another problem solve, communicate with their peers and teachers and develop their muscles and coordination. We connect our school based experiences to the real world through community walks, trips to museum, local libraries, supermarkets and post offices. 

We build our early childhood school foundation philosophy around several early childhood philosophers such as Plato, Immanuel Kant, Lev Vygotsky, Eric Erikson, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Abraham Maslow and Howard Gardener. We base our moral education on Jean Piaget theory, that children make moral judgments based on their own observations of the world. Our program encourages students to build their own moral views of the world, by forming ideas about right and wrong, fair and unfair, which is not the direct product of adult teaching.

In addition to using the Creative Curriculum, our teachers use two curriculum-based assessment tools one called the "HELP" which stands for Hawaii Early Learning Profile checklist strands and the other is called Teaching Strategies. The HELP and Teaching Strategies are assessment tools used to help teachers to develop age appropriate activities that promotes and strengthen our student's brain development, language (receptive and expressive), social, physical (fine and gross motor) development, English language learners and self help skills. These assessment tool help measure our student growth and development. Blake & Milford DCC is more than a place where students simply absorb information; it’s a school of active learning, learning that provides active hands on to all students.